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Homeowners may struggle to coordinate colors and develop an aesthetic plan for their homes, or they may know exactly what they want but not know how to put their feelings about what should change into words. People are often dissatisfied with their floors for various reasons: They are not warm enough, soft enough, or spill-proof enough. They are aging and cracking. They are stained. It may be easy to see what you would like to change about your floors, but choosing a replacement might not be as simple.

At this point, a flooring company in Cape Coral, FL, can come in to help! We can offer consultation and installation for many types of flooring, and we can walk you through the entire process as well. Read through our information below and get in touch with us to learn more about our options and our installation process.

Types of flooring we offer

You may know you want to visit a hardwood flooring store, or perhaps you've been itching to replace the carpet in your master bedroom for some time now. Consider the options below and let us know if you have questions or want to see more options before you make your final decision:

  • Hardwood: Timeless and extremely durable, solid hardwood can offer a rustic or classic aesthetic to your home. Hardwood is simple to clean and may require re-staining eventually.

  • Carpet: Carpet is the softest type of flooring, which makes it great for bedrooms and living rooms where you want the most comfort. It's not as easy to wipe clean as the others, but many find that the feeling of carpet under their feet outweighs the time spent vacuuming.

  • Laminate: Laminate is one of the most budget-friendly types of flooring, and it's also one of the easiest to clean.

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile: If you want a wood-look floor, but you don't have the budget for (or the time to maintain) a house full of solid hardwood, give the luxury vinyl tile a chance.

  • Tile: The tile is extremely durable and easy to clean. We are a glass tile flooring store as well — we offer mosaic tile for backsplashes and bathroom areas in addition to floor tile selections.


Flooring Company in Cape Coral, FL

Your reason for choosing a different type of flooring in Cape Coral, FL may be as simple as living in an older home with floors that are due for an upgrade, or perhaps you're renovating a house you just moved into and wish to select flooring that's both durable and classic-looking while working with a limited budget. Fortunately, we can provide options for these situations and many more.

Customers who choose hardwood flooring may appreciate the fact that it looks timeless, but there are trends here, too. You may notice a lighter stain on hardwood floors that was installed 20 to 30 years ago, while dark stains have made a comeback lately. Every home is unique, and it is not always easy to make a decision like this based on trends. On the whole, there are homes and rooms in which all types of flooring can look wonderful. Consider the three questions below as you mull over your wishes for your house.

1. What Is the room used for?

Flooring choices are often limited by what you will be doing in the room. Bathroom and kitchen carpeting aren't very popular requests, and hard, cold tile in the living room or a child's bedroom rarely makes sense to the typical homeowner. Hardwood tends to work in all areas, while tile is typically used for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, while carpeting is used for living and sleeping areas.

2. Do you have pets or kids?

Animals and children have one trait in common: Their ability to make a mess. Consider this when choosing the color of your new carpet or picking whether you need flooring that can be easily wiped.

3. Do you plan on staying in this home?

If you plan on staying in your current home long-term, it's more cost-effective to choose high-quality flooring instead of planning to replace a cheap carpet every few years. If your current home is not your "forever home,” you may be tempted to cut corners when upgrading the flooring, fencing, or appliances. It's best not to, though — if you plan on selling the house, consider that you can include the costs of any upgrades in the projected selling price of the house.

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Find us at 741 Del Prado Blvd N Suite #140, Cape Coral, FL, 33909. If you will be heading north on the I-75 N, follow the directions below:

  • Get on the I-75 N using Goodlette Road/Golden Gate Parkway entrance
  • Follow the I-75 N to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
  • Get off the I-75 at exit 138
  • Continue on this road and then follow Tamiami Trail to us at 741 Del Prado in Cape Coral.

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Suppose you are in the market for a new type or style of flooring. In that case, Smart Floors USA can help you choose your flooring, offer consultation and installation of that flooring, and connect with you every step of the way to make your choices — and the overall process of remodeling your home — a little bit easier. Contact us today to begin the process and start transforming your home!

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