Waterproof flooring from Smart Floor in Southwest Florida

Is a waterproof floor the right choice for me?

There are so many different versions of waterproof floors on the market, how do you choose?  What are the different meanings between each product?  How do I choose the right floor for me?  These are questions our design staff hear every day from customers trying to make the right flooring choice to fit their needs.  To answer these questions, you first need to know what exactly a waterproof floor is.  Below are some general terms and definitions for the waterproof flooring category. 

General Definitions: 

LVP - Luxury Vinyl Plank, a flooring material that is popular for builders, designers and homeowners due to its low maintenance and high performance.

SPC - Stone Plastic Composite, these engineered luxury vinyl planks beautifully mimic natural wood and stone at a lower price point. An SPC core is virtually indestructible. 

WPC - Wood Polymer Composite.  Many WPC flooring products do not contain any actual wood, but a finely ground wood powder made from hardwoods.  

Waterproof - any flooring product that is 100% resistant to water and moisture.

Rigid Core - rigid core is an engineered product with a rigid core construction for added stability with a solid plank so it has less flexibility than regular vinyl.

Cork or foam backing – a layer most waterproof vinyl flooring
features either a backing or an attached pad/underlayment in either a cork or a foam.  The attached backing is so you will not have to buy additional underlayment and it provides softness and sound absorption to your floor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I install LVP in wet areas?

Yes, LVP can be installed anywhere in a home if the area is temperature controlled (under air).  Vinyl Plank is one of the few products you can run continuous throughout the house without stopping or having transitions. 

Can I install Luxury vinyl plank over tile?

Yes, Luxury vinyl (LVP) can be installed over vinyl providing the tiles are even without lippage.  Also check for hollow ceramic tile.  If your tile floor has a lot of hollow areas this may need to be addressed.  If the installation is hollow there is a chance that the old tile may pop loose.  Also remember that our installation will only be as good as the installation of your previous tile installers when going over ceramic or porcelain tile.  Meaning if the old tile pops up, our installation of LVP will pop up as well.  It is not strong enough to hold down your existing tile installation.  

Can Coretec or waterproof floors be installed in kitchens, bathrooms around toilets and in wet areas near the tub?

The answer is YES!  If the new Coretec floor is installed properly, it is waterproof.  Meaning you can wet mop the floor, if you spill something or if you have grandchildren that love to splash around in the tub this is the perfect floor. 

Does Coretec or waterproof flooring sound hollow or sound like laminate floors when you walk on them? 

The answer is no.  Coretec has a cork backing while other products have a neoprene backing.  Being the product is vinyl and a vinyl composite finished off with a cork layer, the sound is nothing like walking on a laminate floor.

Does Coretec bring down the value of my home for resale?

The great thing with waterproof floors is there are styles and colors for everyone’s taste, budget, home value and income.  Smart Floors has sold vinyl plank in 1200 square ft homes in Fort Myers to mega homes down in Naples.  It does not matter if you live in Cape Coral, Estero, Naples, Pine Island or Marco Island, Smart Floors will have something for your budget and your home.

How to clean maintain Luxury vinyl?

Luxury Vinyl plank is softer than laminate, hardwood or tile floors.  If you have bad feet or sore legs, this is the softest hard surface floor ever made.  LVP is the easiest, most maintenance free floor you will ever own!  This is Southwest Florida, try to simplify your life in any way possible.  Your switch to LVP will be the best floor decision you have ever made.  To make your life even more simple, purchase a Roomba or a robot vacuum for your home.  You will not even need a traditional vacuum anymore.  The cleaning part is easy.  Wet or dry swifter, Bona wood floor cleaner or Coretec cleaner works the best purchased from Smart Floors or online is the easiest. 

Where can I get the best price on Coretec near you?

Are you looking for Coretec near me?  Smart Floors is the only Platinum Coretec dealer in Southwest Florida.  We offer free to your door delivery for the DIY customer as well as customer support staff to help guide you through the installation process.  Not comfortable doing the installation yourself?  Smart Floors is a full-service flooring center and Smart Floors offers a LIFETIME warranty on any Luxury Vinyl installation. 

What makes Smart Floors different from every other flooring store?

One thing that sets us apart is that we have a fleet of mobile showrooms.  Our customers love the idea of shopping in their own home.  Our Smart Floors mobile showrooms are loaded with carpet, ceramic tile, waterproof floors and hardwood flooring.  Our customers find that shopping at home and seeing samples in their own home and in their own lighting is so much easier than shopping in a store.  Our mobile units carry multiple manufacturers such as Shaw, Coretec, Mannington, Forest Accents, Happy Floors, Naturally Aged and MSI to name a few.  We travel anywhere from Marco Island to Sarasota or you can visit our showroom. Call us today to set up an appointment with a design specialist at our Smart Floors storefront location or a Smart Floors mobile showroom. 

For more information, come visit us in our showroom or call to make an appointment with our mobile showroom specialist.