How to Waterproof a Bathroom Floor

How to Waterproof a Bathroom Floor

In the bathroom, where water is prevalent, moisture poses the greatest threat to the structural integrity of a home. There is a reason why bathrooms and kitchens are redesigned more frequently than any other room in the house. Even a tiny amount of water infiltration beneath the walls, countertops, and flooring surfaces can have disastrous effects on a building, reducing its value and leading to significant losses and casualties in a worst-case scenario. 

A practical, comprehensive moisture prevention system is the foundation of any successful, long-lasting bathroom renovation project. The waterproofing quality might be the deciding factor between a bathroom that looks fantastic and performs appropriately for years, versus one that immediately begins to deteriorate and develops mold and mildew. Here are several waterproof flooring options.

  • Vinyl
Vinyl's water resistance, low pricing, and ease of installation have made it a popular bathroom flooring option. Vinyl has flooded the market with styles and designs. Sheets are best for bathrooms due to their seamless, watertight installation.

WPC and SPC are vinyl composites. WPC is thicker, more flexible, and more durable than PVC. However, vinyl can develop lumps, gaps, and curls over time. In addition, vinyl punctured by a sharp object may be hard to repair.

Laminate flooring is sometimes confused for vinyl, but its wood-chip base makes it inferior for waterproofing. In addition, wood absorbs water and expands, meaning you’ll soon need a flooring replacement.

  • Ceramic
Due to its versatility, ceramic is one of the most popular waterproof bathroom flooring options. This classic material is available in various hues and is an excellent choice for bathroom renovations on a budget.

Ceramics are more susceptible to water absorption than porcelain, but it is still an acceptable alternative for ordinary bathrooms. In addition, ceramic is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain, making it a feasible option for flooring in busy homes. 

Today, you can even purchase ceramic tiles that look identical to natural wood. Additionally, you are not confined to the standard square or rectangular shape. Modern tiles are available in various forms and styles, including popular "fish scale" and modern hexagonal motifs.

  • Concrete 
Bathrooms with slab foundations usually have concrete flooring. Bathroom floors can also be concrete slabs or overlays. Dyeing, polishing, stamping, or painting the slab creates a modern look.

Concrete is waterproof and long-lasting. When you consider how long colored or stamped concrete will last, it's a cost-effective option. However, smooth concrete can be chilly, complex, and slippery. It’s best to leave a slight roughness on a polished concrete bathroom floor for grip.

  • Porcelain
Considering porcelain is fired at a greater temperature than ceramic, it can withstand water absorption much more effectively. As a result, porcelain tiles are a little more expensive than ceramic, but they are still reasonably priced. 

One advantage of porcelain tiles is that they allow you to continue the pattern or design from your flooring to your walls. In addition, all tile varieties are highly versatile, allowing them to be used on nearly any surface. For example, fixing stunning porcelain tiles in a large format on your flooring, then adding smaller tiles or other shapes around your sink and tub creates a beautiful, coordinated backsplash. 

Porcelain flooring is a terrific alternative if you have a limited budget or a smaller bathroom. It is also adaptable and easy to maintain.

Find the Perfect Floor for Your Bathroom

When renovating a bathroom floor, you should strike a delicate balance between aesthetics and practicality. So, consider a waterproof floor installation from Smart Floors USA for your next bathroom renovation. 

Having a waterproof floor is key to your bathroom surviving any number of accidents, regular daily shower steam, and bath-loving children. Choosing the most incredible bathroom flooring does not have to be difficult. Contact us for assistance with your bathroom renovation project.