Best Luxury Vinyl Flooring Brands in 2022

Best Luxury Vinyl Flooring Brands in 2022

Vinyl flooring is gaining popularity these days due to how versatile it can be. It is durable and comes in various styles, shapes, and patterns. It is also easier to maintain than hardwood floors.

If you want to elevate your interior decor, vinyl flooring will be an excellent choice. Smart Floors understands this very well. We are a leading source of modern vinyl flooring in Florida, particularly in the Naples and surrounding areas. We cater to residential and commercial businesses and offer high-quality products at a more competitive price, and often for a lesser price than our competitors.

Do you want to buy Vinyl flooring but are unsure of the best brands? Check out an updated list of the best options available.


Parkay offers an extensive selection of superior quality flooring products. Parkay flooring will ensure top performance and a distinctive look on your property. Parkay offers vinyl, porcelain, laminate, and engineered wood; these never go out of style and will stand out in any building.


Coretec is a renowned market leader when we talk of matters of vinyl flooring. It is one of the best luxury vinyl plank flooring brands, offering a wide range of sizes, colors, and finishes. No matter your flooring choice, Cortec stands out with an extra-thick layer to withstand scratches and high traffic.

Most Coretec products are waterproof and offer the best warranties. The company offers various flooring options, which come with a lifetime warranty.

 If you are looking for a high-end brand, Coretec checks all the boxes. The company is famous for using cork underlay that enhances the durability and comfort of the plank flooring. Although Coretec flooring can be pricey depending on your choice of flooring, it is worth the price.


Nuvelle is famous for offering superior quality yet exquisite flooring. This includes luxury vinyl, tile, and hardwood. Nuvelle boasts a wide variety of durable products, and their waterproof vinyl plank floorings stand out.

These feature the latest luxury vinyl wood-look WPC & SPC flooring technology. Nuvelle waterproof flooring is highly durable to suit both residential and commercial installations. This is another outstanding brand choice to meet your needs.  


Trucor offers rigid vinyl flooring options to take your aesthetic appeal to the next level. The flooring is best suited for both residential and commercial needs. Trucor flooring comes with a 100% waterproof core with unique designs. Moreover, Trucor flooring styles are durable, easy to maintain, and come with a friendly warranty.

Get to Know Our Other Brands

  • MSI
MSI is renowned for its wide range of floor coverings. They include natural stone, porcelains, ceramics, luxury vinyl tiles, vinyl planks, hardwood floors, laminate, and much more. Their products are durable and easy to maintain. MSI is perfect for your needs if you're searching for a modern flooring design.

  • InGrained
The InGrained Luxury Vinyl Plank collection showcases beauty in every piece of flooring. InGrained flooring boasts rich exotic and classic details to complement any modern space.

  • Maxiwood
Maxiwood offers superior quality flooring for different conditions. This is a Smart Floors brand and is unique! You can install the flooring over existing tile flooring without removing the existing flooring. This is another great option to save time and money. 

  • Happy Floors
Happy Floors offers a wide assortment of rich wood looks in the Easy Luxury Rigid Core Collection. The flooring is designed for residential and light commercial applications. It is easy to install and is preferred by many due to its unparalleled durability.

  • LW Floors
LW floors launched in 2007 and offers luxury vinyl planks and moldings. LW floors are environmentally friendly; made from unique flooring designs utilizing sustainable materials.

Get Premium Quality Vinyl Flooring from Smart Floors!

Smart Floors caters to all your flooring needs in Naples, Bonita Springs, and other parts of SW Florida. We offer the highest-grade vinyl flooring at a reasonable cost. Our thickness levels range from 12, 20,  22, & 30 MIL for wear layers. Contact us to learn more about our flooring choices!

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