Benefits of Dust-Free Tile Removal VS Traditional

Benefits of a Dustless Tile Removal vs. Traditional

Removing tile from your home is a dusty business. To remove the old tile, it is necessary to break the mortar or grout and often to break apart each tile, as they are typically glued firmly to the surface below. This creates an incredible amount of particle dust, including potentially harmful silicates that can cause long-term health problems.

At Smart Floors, our dust-free tile removal addresses the problem with more than just air filters and plastic sheeting. We remove the dust before it has a chance to spread. Dustless tile removal typically involves attaching a vacuum to the power tools that break apart tile so that the cloud never has a chance to form. Dust doesn't fill the air, settle on nearby surfaces, or blanket your tile removal team.

For many reasons, dustless tile removal is a smart choice for tile renovations.

Dust-Free Tile Removal Is Cost-Effective and Affordable

Dust-free tile removal can be done by hand in small spaces or using a larger ride-on tool for larger floor tile removal. Both solutions are cost-effective and affordable. The savings increase when you consider the cost of clean-up after dusty traditional tile removal. Not to mention finding dust in areas still months later, that you thought had been cleaned. 

Traditional Tile Removal is Messier and Takes Longer

In comparison, traditional tile removal is much messier. Not only does it fill the air and cover all nearby surfaces (and people) with dust, but it also takes more time to complete the tile removal and clean up afterward because the dust becomes excessive. Traditional tile removal always calls for hanging plastic sheeting to protect other rooms and using an air filter to slowly remove dust from the air. But dustless tile cleaning is far more efficient.

With Dust-Free Tile Removal, Slabs Remain Safer

Dust-free tile removal also improves visibility, which means the slab beneath your tile is less likely to be damaged. Because tile removal usually requires power tools to complete quickly, your slab can be scratched and chipped if your team is not careful. With dustless tile removal, the visibility matters that make it difficult to protect your slab are removed, so that tile can be cleared out with precision and speed and without risk to your slab or whatever lies under your floor - maybe even another, better floor.

Zero Hidden Costs With Dust-Free Tile Removal

Dustless tile removal also keeps all the costs up-front. The cost of the project is the cost of the project. You can then plan to move on to the next stage - most likely replacement tile installation or luxury vinyl flooring - without worries or further damage to your home.

Traditional Tile Removal Could End Up Spending Thousands With Cleaning Contractors

On the other hand, traditional tile removal can eventually cost thousands in cleaning, especially if the dust escapes the area being renovated and invades the rest of the house. Dust from tile removal is gritty and bad for your health and your HVAC. If it gets into your house or business, you could invest in cleaning services and home system repairs months after the tile removal is complete.

Dust-Free Tile Removal Is Extremely Efficient 

The best thing about dust-free tile removal is its efficiency. When the tile removal dust is vacuumed immediately as it is created, it doesn't have a chance to spread. This option is good for your home and the project because the dust doesn't get in the way and doesn't obscure visibility. Dust never needs to be swept back to clear the workspace, and your technicians can always see exactly what they are doing.

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We look forward to helping you achieve a clean, efficient, affordable renovation.

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